Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

Zinda Hart
Mrs. Edgerton

What a trip! Going up to Washington D.C. was a very good experience. One of the two main places I wanted to go to was the Lincoln Monument and Arlington National Cemetery. The Lincoln Memorial was my favorite place to visit, because I love him and he has done a lot for our country. Abraham Lincoln is a very interesting man to learn about. I also loved the Arlington National Cemetery, seeing all of those tombs of the unknown soldiers made me respect them even more that what I did. I would also like to thank the people that help supported my school on going this trip. I will impact my life for a lifetime. You will be very well blessed.
Thank you, Zinda Hart

Rashaun Inman
Mrs. Edgerton

Washington D.C. was great! We saw lots of sculptures buildings, people and memorials. My favorite place was the white house. We didn’t see President Obama, but it was nice seeing the white house. We also took plethora of pictures. I also liked riding in the plane. It was very sublime! IT was most beautiful at night seeing all the memorials while in the air. D.C. was lit up everywhere. Once we reached a high altitude my ears felt clogged and I had to pop them. I thought it was going to be scary, but it wasn’t. I had a plethora of fun. Thanks to all those that donated to help make this trip possible.

Raylyn Youmans
Mrs. Edgerton

Wow, what a great trip we have had. We visited so many places and saw many beautiful views. I never knew Washington D.C. would be so amazing that I would like to move there. So, I had so much fun and saw so many amazing things, I would like to move there. We went to a lot of different places, to name a few; Gettysburg, Arlington National Cemetery, the White House, The Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and Different Museums.

My favorite part was the Holocaust Museum in Daniels Diary. This made me feel terrible. The concentration camps and all the events that took place were horrible. This was a great trip, and thanks for the ones who helped pay for this trip.

Eric Smith
Mrs. Edgerton

Well we worked with the Close-Up organization. We had a great time. We saw the Lincoln Memorial, Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, as well as Gettysburg. We also saw the Battlefield of Gettysburg. We had so much fun. Every Memorial we went to we had a conversation about the memorial. We were never bored. We even played games to get a better understanding of what we were learning. One of my favorite places was seeing the White House. It was a beautiful sight to see. I want to thank all the people that donated to help us go to D. C.

Domonte Bradford
Mrs. Edgerton

“Oohs and Ahhs”, we were traveling the minds of the students. We went to the capital of our nation, Washington D. C. Some people had a neat experience from flying. On the first day we went to Pennsylvania to walk the historical site of the Gettysburg Battlefield and learn about the Gettysburg Address that President Lincoln gave. We went to many other memorials, such as the Jefferson, Lincoln, F.D.R., Civil War veterans, and the Vietnam Veteran Memorials. We also went to the Washington Monument. We traveled to the Arlington National Cemetery, which is where our 1960”s President Kennedy, and his family are buried. Surprisingly we went to the “unknown soldiers” tomb and had a ceremony. When we finished traveling for one day we would take a break for lunch or dinner at museums and malls. The trip was spectacular! Sometimes it was tiring and cold but it was worth it! It’s better than not running on a battlefield for freedom.

Darius Doe
Mrs. Edgerton

We had a sublime time! When I first got on the plane I thought I was going to be scared, but I wasn’t. Then we drove to the hotel when we arrived in Washington D. C. The teachers, Ms. Hilary and Mr. Jon, showed us what we were going to do after the last tours we took. We were very tired after each day. My Favorite place was the Arlington Cemetery. I showed honor and respect to the people who died for our country. There were also a lot of veterans that showed up at the cemetery. Then we say the Kennedy’s gravesites. John F. Kennedy was buried with his wife and his two children. We also say Robert E. Lee’s house. It was very big. Thank you for letting us have a chance to go to Washington D.C.

Sakinnah Hill
Mrs. Edgerton

Yayyy!!! Washington D.C., that’s an amazing place to visit! Washington D.C. has a lot of history, everything was fascinating. My favorite part was the war memorials. The WWII and F.D.R. was pretty interesting and I learned a lot. It may have been chilly weather but we still did great. Some people were there from the Vietnam War. A few of those people told us about the war. The Korean War was interesting also because of the wall with all the people’s names on it who fought and died during those years of service. It was pretty cool and I liked it! My other favorite part was the Lincoln Memorial. I really enjoyed it and I liked it a lot. The Martin Luther King, “I had a dream” speech was there and it took place there. President Lincoln was made out of marble that came from Georgia. It was huge and shiny, but it was super nice. I enjoyed my time there. It was a lot of fun! My time in Washington D. C. was fun and I wish we could have stayed longer! We went about almost everywhere. I learned so much, it is hard to explain it all. Washington D. C. is busy, large, and confusing, but a lot of fun! You should visit there some time. I guarantee you will have a blast like we did. This was a great opportunity for us and we want to thank everyone!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Amazing Time!

by Hilda Edgerton

OMG!!!!!! We are having an amazing time! The students have been engaged constantly as we visit all of the popular tourist sites. Our journey began with a tour of the Gettysburg Museum which kept the students attention. The students gained a wealth of rich history and insight about The famous Gettysburg address and much more. Believe it or not.............although it was raining and we had to walk a few miles to get to the actual cemetery the students had few complaints due to the great learning experience the students put personal feelings aside! We are so proud of our students.

The real life experiences our students have experienced is lifelong. The Close Up organization instructors are doing a fantastic job keeping the students engaged as well. We even have class talk or discussions on the bus after visiting memorials. Pretty cool, huh....................... ;)

Well off we go to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.................We'll check in later.

Oh yeah, great places we have visited............:
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery
Natural History Museum
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument

The wheels on the bus go round and round!

Our trip has been phenomenal so far! From the historic and hallow grounds of Gettysburg to the unforgettable conversations with war veterans at the WWII Memorial, to the dramatic presentation at the African American Civil War Museum, our students have been experiencing treasured lessons that will last a life time! Although we are fatigued, we excitingly anticipate our last adventures in Washington, D.C.!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

VECA Travels to DC

VALDOSTA -- The classroom will come alive for eighth graders at the Valdosta Early College Academy (VECA), as they travel to Washington, D.C., and spend five days in the nation’s capital.

The group of 29 students, along with teachers Johnnie Marshall, Hilda Edgerton, and Matt Cribbs, left early Sunday morning to begin what will be an educational experience of a lifetime.

The tour begins at Gettysburg with a comprehensive study of the famous Civil War battle. The students will also visit the Capitol, National Archives, Jefferson Memorial, White House, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

“Eighth grade students in Georgia study American history and specifically the Civil War period,” said Dr. Brian Gerber, VSU’s liaison to VECA. “This trip will not just focus on history but integrate all subjects including language arts, math and science. The trip gives the students a strong foundation in all subjects.”

The students spent last year preparing for the trip and conducting various fund raisers to pay their expenses, including the South Georgia Pecan holiday sale, which raised approximately $8,000.

“The community has been very supportive. VSU’s faculty, local businesses and many individuals have donated money to pay for the trip,” Gerber said. "It has been a community-wide effort to send the students on this educational trip.”

The students will journal about their experiences and excerpts, along with photos, will be posted on blog located at